IT Business Analyst

IT Business Analyst [#BA]

International leader in IT consulting, Techso is a young, growing company offering services in three areas of expertise, including management of technological infrastructure (IT), specific application development (DEV) and consulting in product lifecycle management (PLM).

Techso is actively looking for a candidate who will act as an IT Business Analyst Consultant, to undertake great assignments with our clients in Montreal.

  • Perform various complex analyzes, identify deviations and make recommendations to optimize the efficiency of the systems
  • Understand business issues, identify and analyze the needs of internal customers, document requests and prepare recommendations to design or adapt systems that meet needs
  • Implement complex IT systems and modify existing applications according to user needs and business imperatives
  • Supervise the test phases to ensure that the systems developed or modified are adequate
  • Analyze requests for changes in systems, assess the impacts on existing applications, suggest and make appropriate modifications
  • Ensure the integrity of computerized data and the stability of systems
  • Determine the scope and objectives of the system and ensure the technical feasibility of the requested changes as well as have an understanding of the business domain and industry requirements
  • Analyze, program and / or optimize SAS code
  • Analyze and revise the logic and documentation of existing systems under your responsibility as needed
  • Follow control mechanisms to ensure their compliance with user needs and business imperatives.
  • Ensure the monitoring of production processes for the application portfolio related to Liquidity Risk Management.
  • Set up communication mechanisms with other delivery teams
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science /  management or relevant field
  • Good knowledge of SAS, Power BI, Excel / XML / VBA / Access / SQL
  • Show leadership
  • Great ability to adapt and manage priorities
  • Bilingual written and spoken: French and English
  • Good interpersonal skills and love of teamwork!
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